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My mobile billboards has a variety of additional services that may fit your advertising needs from: human billboards, tostationary trailers, and everything in between.

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Mobile Billboards:

Mobile billboards are dedicated, customized trucks with a large advertising space on all three sides. They are driven along a specific route or area, as directed by the client in order to target a specified high traffic area or particular demographic. Mobile billboards easily achieve market saturation and remain flexible to change quickly as the needs of the client change. In today’s world of digital media and entertainment coupled with an enormous amount print and other forms static advertisements, it is has become increasingly difficult for companies to gain the attention of the audience they seek. Mobile Advertising is a highly effective and proven form of advertisement, making it the perfect solution to add to your current marketing strategy or used as an alternative to jump start your marketing efforts. Let us take your message to your target market with high impact messaging that cannot be ignored.

Mobile Signage:

My Mobile Billboard has a variety of mobile signage that may fit your advertising needs from: car wraps, taxi signs, and magnetic door signs to back window displays and stickers.

Human Billboards:

As a compliment to your mobile billboard campaign or as a stand alone service we can employ a team of 1-4 human billboards that will bring your message, brand, or announcement right to your target audience.

Stationary Trailers:

Contact us about our stationary trailers with rental options ranging from one week to one year.

Ambassador Teams:

Ambassadors teams, coupled with our mobile billboards create a lasting impression with measurable impact.